We offer bibliographical database hosting. By using our Biblioserver service you can make your bibliographical databases available on the Internet.

Biblioserver supports browsing and searching of bibliographies. Indexes of authors, keywords and sources will help you to reach the material. Subscribed users will be able to upload and import their data from different bibliographic software. For detailed description of functionality please read the Features section.

Free 30-day long trial period
We want to welcome everyone to join in for the trial period of 30 days. During this period we offer free Biblioserver subscription.

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February 15th 2007:
» Biblioserver is now running on brand new server machine which means faster speeds in importing, indexing and viewing the data.

March 15th 2005:
» Endnote X import released for beta testing. Everyone is welcome to try it out and report any bugs they may find.

April 15th 2005:
» Import data from EndNote 8™.
» Customisable additional ordering field.
» Customisable menu labels.
» Downloadable usage statistics.
» Updated stop words module.
» Minor bugfixes and updates.

November 24 2004:
» Usage statistics module.
» Custom third (in addition to authors and titles) ordering field possibility.
» Default bibliographic style when specific style is not defined.
» Minor bugfixes and updates.

November 2 2004:
» Stop words management.
» Swedish language interface.
» Number of minor bugfixes and updates.

September 7 2004:
» Management of bibliographic output styles module has been added to Biblioserver. New module allows subscribed users to define bibliographic output styles. Each database can be configured to use a different style.
» Import of databases improved Biblioserver import module has been optimised in order to enable import of databases containing more than 30'000 records. Please not that users uploading large files are strongly advised to use zip files.
» Biblioserver user interface reviewed with the aim to make it more accessible to people with disabilities. Using guidelines from Section508 (www.section508.gov) legislation several improvements have been added to Biblioserver.

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